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Address for Donations:
Support P.A.P.A.
2549-B Eastbluff Drive, #308
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Responsibilities of the Community Action Campaign Committee

Support of Proposed Legislation: "Parents Against Predators Act" (aka "PAPA") "& Internet Safety Education

PAPA Executive Campaign Action Committee Objective:
Create a national grassroots campaign to support PAPA/Internet Safety Education Outreach in the form of: Multiple/leveraged satellite "Community Action Campaign Committees" ("CACC").

Community Action Campaign Committee Responsibilities (CACC):

  1. Learn about safe and responsible Internet use (Partner is: My Internet Safety Coach).
  2. Spread the word about PAPA, and garner support within their community to support the proposed PAPA federal legislation.
         a) Help launch at least 1 CACC (adults)
         b) Help launch at least 1 Youth Action Campaign Committee (high school or college)
         c) Talk to 1 or more businesses about PAPA to garner their support.
  3. Host 1 or more fundraisers/event -- organized by their CACC.
         d) Invite local U.S. Representative and other community leaders and Law Enforcement to event(s).
  4. Select a Media Spokesperson (Chairperson may be the Media Spokesperson).
  5. Alert the local media about PAPA, and garner support in their local community.(television/radio/print/Internet)
  6. On 4 targeted dates, each committee will help organize, coordinate, and participate in an email/fax/telephone blast campaign to the President, and their U.S. Senators and Representatives in Washington, DC.
  7. Work under the PAPA Executive Campaign Action Committee (PECACC)

Media Spokesperson Guidelines:

  1. Media Spokesperson will be trained by Suzanne Stanford on how to speak fluently/succinctly to the media about PAPA, as well as on safe and responsible Internet use.
  2. Prior to an interview, an email must be sent to PECACC (Suzanne Stanford suzanne@supportpapa.com or PECACC media contact), with the interview details: name of the media outlet, the name/ telephone number of the media contact, and the date of the interview. If the interview is impromptu, then "please" get the details to PECACC as soon as possible.

A "Media Script" will be provided, however the following are key points that must be included in any and all media interviews (television/radio/print/Internet):

  • The "Media Spokesperson" must be able to succinctly explain PAPA legislative points and know current internet crime statistics (stats will be provided).
    (Note: There will be a conference call(s) with Suzanne Stanford for media training.)
  • The media spokesperson must include Suzanne Stanford/My Internet Safety Coach as the originator of PAPA.
  • If there is a legislator/elected official who is a PAPA "supporter", the media spokesperson MUST mention his/her name in the press.
  • During the interview, the media spokesperson must give the PAPA website address and contact telephone number.

Following the Interview, the Media Spokesperson must:

  • Always ask for a business card from the media source contact.
  • Always ask: "When will this interview appear?" (date/time/channel/publication name/radio station call letters "& location, etc.)
  • If the interview is to be broadcast on television/radio/internet, ask for a copy of it to be mailed to:
    Support PAPA; 2549-B Eastbluff Drive, #308; Newport Beach, CA 92660
  • Tell the producer/interviewer that we would like the interview to be uploaded onto the PAPA website - Please get permission from them in writing.